This is a seasonal sample menu of what we offer.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS | bacon, parmesan, almonds, sherry reduction (gf)
CRISPY FRIES | trio of dipping sauces (gf/veg)
BACON WRAPPED DATES | stuffed with parmesan (gf)
MAC & CHEESE | white cheddar, fontina, parmesan (veg)
TUNA CRUDO | calabrian chili, mint, tangerine, blood orange, shaved radish, crispy onion*
SHRIMP LOUIE TOAST | avocado, pickled red onion, louie dressing*
VINTNER’S BOARD | aged cheddar, blue cheese, charcuterie, marcona almonds, preserves, dried fruit, honey*
WAGYU BEEF SLIDER | coca-cola bbq sauce, bacon, aged cheddar, crispy onions, hawaiian roll*
MARYLAND STYLE BLUE CRAB CAKE | grain mustard, pickled asparagus, tarragon*

GEM LETTUCE CAESAR | garlic dressing, fried capers, parmesan, brioche crouton*
SMOKED BEET AND GOAT CHEESE | upland cress greens, nuts, sherry reduction (veg)
BUTTER LETTUCE SALAD | charred asparagus, creamy tarragon dressing, bacon, avocado, radish
GRAINS & SEEDS | quinoa, bulgar wheat, sunflower seeds, roasted beets, cucumber yogurt, mint* (veg)
add shrimp | add chicken | add salmon

DIVER SCALLOPS | miso glazed eggplant, tangerine, thai basil*
ROASTED SALMON | orzo salad, cucumber yogurt, crispy chickpeas, za’atar*
CHICKEN PICCATA | capers, meyer lemon, fingerling potatoes, watercress*
RED WINE SHORT RIB | creamy horseradish potatoes*
PASTA BOLOGNESE | beef, pork, sofrito, aged parmesan
BEER BATTERED FISH & CHIPS | local halibut, house made tartar sauce, dill*
CREEKSTONE FARM PETIT FILET 6oz | broccolini, scallion chimichurri*
PK BURGER | smoked gouda, applewood bacon, truffle mayo, caramelized onions, fries*
add farm egg | add avocado

MISO GLAZED EGGPLANT | scallion, crispy shallot (veg)
BROCCOLINI | lemon caper vinaigrette (gf/veg)
SMASHED FINGERLINGS | rosemary – garlic butter 5 (gf/veg)

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
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